We are currently updating our systems in relation to Brexit. The option to download a return label is temporarily unavailable and we expect to be able to offer this service again from 1/2/21.

Please keep a hold of your empty CO2 cylinders and download the return label in your order history after this date.

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  1. HiTAC® Filter
    HiTAC® Filter
    Internal filter for your boiling water tank.
  2. Aerator
    Aerator at the end of the tap.
    From €10
  3. Waste hose
    Waste hose
    Waste hose to connect the inlet combination valve to the drainage.
  4. Drill bit set
    Drill bit set
    This set contains various items to connect the black waste hose to the drainage.
  5. Extension hose
    Extension hose
    Tap to tank extension hose and LED cable for positioning the tank further away from the tap.
    From €20
  6. Tap valve
    Tap valve
    Replacement internal valve for the push and turn handle of the Basic, Classic, Design and Modern single taps.
  7. Inlet combination
    Inlet combination
    Inlet combination valve for the tank.
  8. Pressure reducing valve
    Pressure reducing valve
    Pressure reducing valve for reducing the incoming cold water pressure to your Quooker tank.

8 Items

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