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Please note the packaging of the cartridge has changed, it is now called an AC filter. This is the cartridge you need for your Cold Water Filter.

Cold Water Filter cartridge AC

Replacement cartridge for the Cold Water Filter
  • Easy to replace
  • Filtered drinking water straight from your tap
  • Removes bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants


A replacement activated carbon filter cartridge for use with the Cold Water Filter or Quooker Water Switch to improve the quality of the water. As of 2023, the shape of the Cold Water Filter cartridge has changed and now is named 'AC Filter'. Your new cartridge may look different from the one you are about to replace but it works exactly the same. The cartridge must be replaced every 12 months (not suitable for the CUBE). If your system isn't registering the replacement cartridge, please use the Q shaped button on top of the tank to switch it off for 5 minutes, then turn the tank back on. Visit this page for more instructions about how to replace the cartridge.

Installation Video / Guide

Click here to see all information and instructions regarding filters and cartridges.

Shipping and return information

Used Cold Water Filter cartridges do not need to be returned.