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Installation and maintenance

Can a Quooker be installed in any kitchen?

Yes, as long as the installation requirements are met. 

If you're installing a Flex, Front, or Fusion tap, you won't need an additional hole to be drilled in to your worktop as this will replace your existing mixer tap. 

If there isn't enough space under the sink for your Quooker tank you can use a Quooker extension hose to install the tank up to two metres from the sink. You can order an extension hose as an optional extra at the same time you order your Quooker. Or, if you’ve ordered the Quooker already, you can buy an extension hose here.

Can the Quooker be connected to softened water?

Yes, as long as the water is safe to drink according to UK regulations. (If you’re not sure, check with your water supplier.)

The water pressure must also be at least 2 bar. (Ideally, it’ll be between 2.5 – 6 bar.)

It should have a pH between 6.5 – 9.5, without too much salt.

An alternative to connecting to softened water is to connect your Quooker to the hard water supply and fit a Quooker Scale Control R

Does a Quooker need maintenance?

A Quooker doesn't need any special maintenance, but if you live in a hard water area, there's a chance that limescale could build up in the end of the tap.

If water is flowing more slowly than usual, unscrew the nozzle and take out the ‘aerator’ from the tap end. Soak it in a small cup of white vinegar for one hour. Rinse off any limescale and put the tap back together.

If the water is still flowing slowly, there might be limescale inside the tank. If that’s the case, it will need to be cleaned. 

We can arrange this for you. Just contact our Service team using the Live Chat on our website, or by logging into your My Quooker account and filling out a service Contact Form. We will then get back to you.

If you'd prefer, you can clean the tank yourself at home using our maintenance kit, which can be ordered here. Just enter your serial number to find the correct kit for your Quooker.

What are the installation requirements?

• Connection is to existing services that must be live and working, and we must be provided with clear details of where we can isolate either the water and or the power if required when we attend
• Services required - 13 amp power socket (2 x 13 amp if a CUBE is specified) waste, hot and cold water supply. These services must be within 500mm of the intended install location below worktop height and fully accessible. If only one socket is available and a CUBE is required, a Powerswitch can be added 
• The minimum hot and cold water pressure required is 2 bar. COMBI tanks only require a cold water supply
• Space for the tank and any accessories required 

If the criteria above have not been met on the arrival of the engineer, a return visit may be required which will be charged to the ordering party at cost of €115 inc. VAT.

What are the dimensions of the Quooker tanks?

• The Quooker PRO3 tank requires 55 cm of height space and is 15 cm in diameter.
• The Quooker PRO7 tank requires 58 cm of height space and is 20 cm in diameter.
• The Quooker COMBI tank requires 58 cm of height space and is 20 cm in diameter.
• The CUBE system requires a 500 mm in height, 223 mm in width and 340 mm in depth
• If you have specified a Flex tap please note we require at least 500 mm deep x 200 mm wide space below the tap position under the worktop in the cupboard. This is required to allow the weight that operates the Flex hose to move freely up and down. If it becomes restricted it will not operate as intended.

Where can I find an instruction manual for my Quooker?

You'll receive an installation guide that includes an overview in the box of your new Quooker.

More detailed information about how to operate a Quooker can be found here

Can I install a Quooker myself?

Yes, your Quooker will come with installation instructions. 

These are also all available in the downloads section of our website.

How do I clean my Quooker tap?

If you have a chrome, stainless steel, nickel or gold tap, use glass cleaner or water with a soft cloth. If you're using glass cleaner, spray a small amount on a damp cloth (not directly on the tap) and then wipe the tap. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth straight away. 

If you have a patinated brass or black tap, use warm water and a soft cloth only. Dry the tap immediately after cleaning. 

You can find more information here.

What should I do if I can't find the answer?

If you still can't find the answer, please get in touch or use our self-service tool to fix a product issue yourself at home.

For any service questions, you can use our Live Chat or submit a Contact Form via your My Quooker account for our service team. 

For any queries regarding an order, invoices, or registration, please use our Live Chat or email