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How much energy does a Quooker use on standby?

The Quooker’s standby power consumption is 10W, about the same as a WiFi router.

Is a Quooker sustainable?

Yes: you’ll use less water and energy.

When you use boiling water from a Quooker, you only use the boiling water you need. That’s less wasteful than using a kettle, where a lot of boiled water is wasted – or re-boiled, costing even more energy.

Our patented vacuum tank keeps water under pressure at 108 degrees Celsius. Think of it as an electrically powered flask, which doesn’t let heat escape. Water only boils when it pours from the tap because the 108 degree water returns to normal atmospheric pressure. It’s not being constantly boiled: it’s being stored as water at a temperature above water’s usual boiling point. 

With our CUBE, there’s less plastic waste too.

With a Quooker CUBE, you’ll also get filtered chilled and sparkling water. This means there’s no need to buy bottled water to enjoy filtered chilled or sparkling water on the go.

The CUBE also saves water quantities. Because it dispenses water that’s chilled, you’ll no longer find yourself running the cold tap waiting for it to be cool enough. Our CUBE gives you chilled, filtered water immediately. Find out more about the Quooker CUBE here

Isn’t it expensive to keep water at 100°C day and night?

Thanks to our patented vacuum insulation and thermos technology, it only takes 10 watts of energy each day to store water at a constant 108°C. 10 watts of energy is about the same usage as your WiFi router.

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