Most frequent questions

  • Can I install the Quooker system myself? Installation

    The Quooker system is delivered with installation materials and a clear manual. Follow this carefully for instructions on how to correctly install your Quooker system. 

    The installation guides for all of our tanks and taps can be found here. We also offer installation videos in which we explain step by step how to install our products. Please ensure you are referring to the guide for the correct tank type. Note that there are two guides for each tank - the standard tank for our standard range of taps and the E tank for use with the Nordic and Fusion range of taps.

  • Filtered water is running on install. Troubleshooting

    Sometimes, the Cold Water Filter will be set to the ON position when first installed, which causes filtered water to run continually through the tap.

    To rectify this, please do the following:

    Press down on the tap's textured ring and hold down until the LED ring lights up blue, then turn anti-clockwise to dispense filtered water (which is already running). Wait a few seconds then turn the ring back again. The tap should now send a signal to the Filter to stop dispensing water. Do this several times if it doesn't stop the first time.