Most frequent questions

  • My Quooker tap is leaking. Troubleshooting

    Please try to locate the source of the leak and contact our service department on or 0207 9233355 (select option 3 for Service). Please also have your Quooker's serial number ready – this can be found on the side of the tank near the top.

    If you need to shut off the water supply to your Quooker, press the Q shaped button on top of the tank to switch the tank off, then run the boiling water tap until it runs cold. Next, locate the Quooker's inlet combination/shut off valve (a brass valve between the tank and cold water supply as indicated in the below image) and turn the small grey knob to shut the water supply off. Please make sure the Quooker tap is not used and the tank is not switched back on while the water supply has been shut off.