Most frequent questions

  • The light on my tap/tank is flashing, what should I do? Troubleshooting

    Short Reset 
    Please try resetting the Quooker by switching it off at the Q-shaped button on top of the tank and unplugging it from the electrical supply. (With older systems, the switch may also be located at the back of the tank cover). Wait 30 seconds, plug the tank back in and press the Q-shaped button on top of the tank to switch it back on. A solid red light should appear on the tap and tank. Wait about 10-20 minutes until the solid light goes off and becomes a slow fading pulse on the tank. This is called the tank’s “heartbeat” and indicates that the water is now up to temperature again and ready for use.

    Long Reset 
    If the light is still flashing, please try a long reset. Switch the Quooker off on top of the tank and unplug it from the electrical supply. A thin black LED cable runs from the tap to the top of the back of the tank. Unplug this from the tank, wipe the tip of the cable with a clean, dry cloth and plug it back in to the tank. 

    If you have a VCD or VCW serial number Tank, there will be two Ports and the spare one will be covered with a plastic cap. Remove the plastic cap and place the LED in this port. If you have a Cold Water Filter the spare part will be in use, so there will be two LED cables, swap them over.

    Plug the tank back into the electrical supply but leave the tank turned off. Run the boiling water tap for about 3 minutes to replenish all the water in the tank. Leave the tank switched off for another 15 minutes before turning it on again. The solid red light should appear on the tap and tank. 

    After about 10-20 minutes the light on the tank should become the pulsing “heartbeat” light and the tap light will go out. The tank should be ready for use again.

    If the flashing continues or occurs frequently, please contact our service department via or 0719314087 (select option 3 for Service). Please have your Quooker's serial number ready – it is located at the side of the tank near the top.