Most frequent questions

  • The inlet combination valve (pressure release valve) is releasing water. Troubleshooting

    It is normal for the inlet combination valve to release drips of water while the tank is heating water. This is expansion water released from the tank to regulate the pressure inside the tank.

    If the Quooker has been fitted recently and the valve is releasing a continuous flow or spurts of water, please check the incoming water pressure. The ideal incoming water pressure for the Quooker is 2-3 bar. If the pressure is too high, the valve will release more water in order to keep the pressure inside the tank at a safe level. A pressure reducing valve can be fitted to reduce the pressure to 2-3 bar.

    If the Quooker has been fitted for a while and the valve has recently started running continuously (rather than dripping), some debris or scale may be caught inside the valve. Please try flushing the valve through as follows:

    Switch off the tank by pressing the Q-shaped button on top. Run the boiling tap for a few minutes until the water runs cold. Place a container under the valve and turn the large red cap (10 bar valve) or large grey cap (8 bar valve) anti-clockwise until you hear a click. Water will be released from the valve in a quick gush. Repeat this several times before switching the Quooker back on.

    If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our service department via or 0207 9233355 (select option 3 for Service). Please have your Quooker's serial number ready – it is located at the side of the tank near the top.