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Savings, a hot topic

Are you looking for ways to save energy? The solution could be hiding in a little corner. Namely, your kitchen cupboard. When you install a Quooker tank, you can considerably reduce your energy and water consumption. And yes, save money too.

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t a Quooker mainly for convenience? Meant to make life easier and more comfortable? Well, it is, but that’s not the whole story. 
Because anyone who buys a Quooker is also making a very sustainable choice. In fact, a Quooker uses very little energy. Since the tank with the boiling water is so well insulated, it only needs 10 watts of power to keep the water above boiling point. That’s less than your internet modem.

Use less water

You can also save water daily with a Quooker. Since you never tap more than the amount of boiling water you actually need, you don’t waste a single drop. 
It’s a different story with a kettle. You often boil much more water than is needed. Or you forget the water in the kettle and then have to boil it again. A waste of energy!

Don't waste hot water

Choosing the A-rated, energy-efficient COMBI tank makes a lot of sense. 
The tank not only supplies boiling water, but also hot water. This means you never have to run the water until it gets hot. It’s there instantly.

Tip: Use your Quooker to fill a couple of hot-water bottles, then you can switch off the heating in your bedrooms!

Say goodbye to plastic water bottles

Do you want your Quooker to dispense sparkling and filtered  water in addition to hot, cold and boiling water? Then fit it with a Quooker CUBE. 
This is also a responsible and sustainable choice. With a CUBE, you don’t need to buy plastic bottles that you then have to chill in the fridge. Instead, use a highly energy-efficient chilled water tank in your kitchen cupboard and reusable carbon dioxide cylinders. Throwing flat sparkling water down the sink is a thing of the past!

Choose a sustainable product

Also important: the Quooker company is committed to sustainability in all areas. For example, our building in Ridderkerk is covered with 900 solar panels, which fully provide the building’s energy needs. 
In our Return & Recover department, we recycle used products and process our waste streams sustainably to comply with the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation.

In short: a boiling-water tap from Quooker is a responsible purchase in every respect.