Quooker on tap in your office

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A true revolution

Not just at home but also at work - it's the new kitchen must-have. Quooker; the tap that immediately dispenses boiling water. Tap on the worktop, tank underneath.

In many offices and other workspaces in the UK it is already the centrepiece of the kitchen. Employees, from the solicitors at a law firm to the mechanics at a car repair centre, enjoy filtered instant boiling water to prepare tea, soup or hot beverages.

Valuable waiting time is saved with Quooker, and several smart features make it the safest way to make hot drinks.

Quooker, the 100°C boiling-water tap - saving time, energy, money and water.

The fastest, most efficient, safest way to get pure and great tasting, boiling water.

The fastest
With Quooker you have boiling water instantly. With the PRO7 and COMBI tanks you can serve up to 42 cups of tea without waiting time. The Quooker COMBI also provides an instant supply of hot water at 50-60°C from the cold feed only.

Most efficient
Quooker's unique and patented high vacuum insulation minimizes energy consumption. Standby power consumption is in many cases more than 50% lower than traditional kitchen boilers. Heating up more water than you need becomes a thing of the past.

The aerated water flow and other safety features ensure easy and safe operation of your Quooker.

Pure and great tasting
Water from Quooker is filtered and boiled making it healthy and simply better tasting!

Compact and hygienic
The Quooker tank sits neatly under the kitchen sink,  freeing countertops from kettles and wall space from boilers. Quooker makes it easier to keep office kitchens clean and tidy.