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What does a Quooker cost?

Boiling water, straight from the tap – that's something we'd all like. But what does a Quooker cost? That depends on the model and the finish you choose, and its use. Let us explain.

The price of a Quooker

The price of a Quooker depends on two factors: the tap and the tank. Both are available in different models. Please see our pricelist below.


Costs after purchase

Our tanks all have the patented high-vacuum insulation, which keeps the water at the right temperature in an energy-efficient manner. The stand-by consumption is as little as three pence a day.

The maintenance costs of a Quooker are low compared with the boiling-water taps of other brands. In most cases, you only need to replace the HiTAC® filter once every five years. Read more on our maintenance page.