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Our renewed CUBE

Chilled and sparkling water straight from the tap The Quooker is only complete with a CUBE. With this, a Quooker tap not only supplies cold, hot, and boiling water, but also chilled and sparkling water. All from one tap. The updated CUBE offers a host of new advantages.

  • Higher volume of water below 10 degrees.
  • More compact with a height of 500mm and a diameter of 153mm.
  • Lighter: weighs only 12kg.
  • It has an interactive display that shows, among other things, how much sparkling water you can still draw from your CO₂ cylinder.
  • You can choose from two effervescence levels, the same strength as the current CUBE and a softer level with fewer bubbles.
  • The water flow for the chilled water has been improved.
  • The CO₂ cylinder is placed on a magnetic base at the side of the CUBE so that it cannot fall over.

Technische verbeteringen

De CUBE wordt aangesloten op de koudwaterleiding en de Quooker-kraan. Onderstaand installatie-overzicht is van een Flex kraan met COMBI+ reservoir. In de documentatie downloadt je ook de installatie-overzichten met een PRO3-reservoir en COMBI-reservoir.

  • Het reservoir werkt op 220-240 V
  • De CUBE heeft een lager stand-by verbruik van circa 5 W.
  • De CUBE koelt efficiënter waardoor de CUBE minder warmte afgeeft.
  • De afkoeltijd is verminderd naar circa 30 minuten.


A filter is installed between the mains water supply and the CUBE. This makes it even easier to replace the filter when needed. The filter is equipped with an Active Carbon and Hollow Fiber filter. This optimizes the taste and odor of the water. Once the filter has expired (approx. one year) the CUBE gives a sound signal that the filter needs to be replaced. This will also show on the display of the CUBE. When you reset the filter timer on the display, the CUBE will automatically start counting again. New filters are easy to order via our webshop.


The CUBE will have an RRP of £1150 including VAT.

Technical specifications

Voltage220 - 240 V
Power100 W
Stand-by power consumption5 W
Chilling time30 min
Tank height500 mm
Tank diameter223 mm, 153 mm excl. CO₂ cylinder
Tank depth340 mm, 270 mm excl. CO₂ cylinder
Min. mains pressure200 kPa (2 bar)
Recommended pressure200-400 kPa (2-4 bar)
Flow rate (litres/min)2,4 litres/ min. filtered chilled water
2 litres/min. filtered sparkling water
Filter capacity12 months or 3500 liters
Water filterActive Carbon and Hollow Fiber filter

Availability and showroom offer

The CUBE is available for customers from the end of July. From the middle of July the CUBE can be installed in your showroom. Fill in the registration form below and your Quooker accountmanager will contact you for a showroom offer.